Reflections on the Art of Marianne Dillmann

by Deirdre Query

When you step into the art of Marianne Dillmann you feel as if you are entering a magical world. She uses form to create a sense of mystery and intrigue. It is hard to pull yourself away from one painting to another as there are layers of depth and interest to be explored. In this way the observer of her art is mesmerised as veil after veil of subtlety are revealed.

Marianne has managed to capture a sense of the beauty, tenderness and creativity of the world. She provokes in the observer a sense going back 14 billion years to the emergence of spirit into matter. It is not a frightening power of this burst of infinite energy into matter which Marianne portrays but rather gentleness, vulnerability and love which underpins all creation. Her art is a positive statement of the role of subtlety and warmth expressed on a canvas which holds the paradox of uncertainty and ambiguity of being.

At times you will be swept into expansive waves of light and shifting perspectives – reflecting the power of an undulating sea or the swirling beauty of clouds with contrasting turquoise and orange. You stop when you discover a mysterious form – wondering is it an animal or perhaps a flower? Then you have entered a dream world for a few moments feeling yourself a God wondering at the mystery and beauty of what will be revealed on the next canvas.